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BSNL Speed Test

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, also called BSNL, is a state-owned and one of the top ISPs in India, providing quality internet services to millions of customers. It provides FTTH, telephone, internet, GPON, and TV services. 

We provide BSNL broadband subscribers with the best speed test services.

BSNL Speed Test Tool is best when you experience frequent drops and lags while using the internet. It takes only a second to measure the internet speed, enabling you to identify the cause of your slow connection.

When you run our speed test tool, it provides you with an accurate measurement of your internet’s download speed, upload speed, ping response rate, and jitter level. 

In any case, your download and upload speed shouldn’t be lower than 1Mbps, if you want a fast internet connection. Plus, if your ping response rate is over 100 ms and the jitter level is higher than 30 ms, then it means that your internet speed is not up to the standard.

Considering these metrics, our BSNL speed test tool helps you to check your internet speed. You just need to access our tool and run it. Just a few seconds, and it will let you know whether your internet speed is slower or faster.

Leverage our BSNL Internet Speed Test Tool to diagnose any weaker internet connection for free. No expert help is required to perform the upload speed test, download speed test, ping speed test, or jitter speed test — since our tool is intuitive enough to easily deliver desired results.  

How to Check Internet Speed?

Follow this 3-step method to check your internet speed using our BSNL Speed Test Tool for free:

STEP 1 - Specify Your ISP 

First, select your “internet service provider” from the drop-down menu. If unsure who your ISP is, simply click “Select automatically”. Our tool will identify your ISP and run the internet speed test accordingly. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is the most famous in India.

STEP 2 - Press Go Button

Secondly, you must click on “Go” to run the BSNL internet speed test as needed. 

STEP 3 - Check the Test Result

Lastly, wait for a few seconds until it shows the results of your WiFi speed test, which include the measurement of:

  • Download Speed
  • Upload Speed
  • Ping Response Rate
  • Jitter Level

Note: The download and uploaded speeds are measured in “Mbps”, whereas the ping and jitter are measured in “ms”. 

Why is Internet Speed Important?

As the world has become a global village, a high-speed internet connection is an important requirement for all of us to perform all tasks. High-speed Internet is necessary for all online business owners to make their websites more productive and remain in touch with all their customers anytime. Good internet speed is also essential for the online education system.

Having a speedy internet connection is a critical factor in connecting with people who are very far away from you. In particular, social media sites require a speedy internet connection to upload content quickly so that followers pay attention. In addition to having a good internet connection, all entertainment lovers also need it to play different games, whether they are followers or bloggers. 

Therefore, we can say we demand a high-speed internet connection today. We need it to be able to do our everyday tasks. 

You can use our BSNL Broadband Speed Test Tool to check your internet speed, ensuring enough to facilitate your online activities.

How is Internet Speed Measured?

Generally, four factors determine whether the internet speed is slower or faster, which include ping response rate, jitter level, download speed, and upload speed. Whenever we use an internet speed test tool, it calculates them to measure the internet speed. 

Ping Response Rate (Latency)

It is the period it takes for a message to traverse a computer network. Typically, it is measured in milliseconds. If the ping test shows a latency rate between 40 ms to 60 ms, then the internet speed is good. The ping response rate helps to diagnose a weaker internet connection, finding out whether the problem is at the ISP’s end or something is wrong with your WiFi router. 

Jitter Level

There is a unit of measurement known as milliseconds (ms) for jitter. Whenever you perform a jitter speed test, it must show your jitter level is below 30 ms, or else it would mean that your internet speed is slower and all of your audio and video calls are choppy because of it. Whenever you find your internet’s jitter level lower than the average, you should contact your ISP immediately. 

Download Speed

You download data (whatever you access and load) from the Internet at the speed at which your device retrieves it. The download speed must be higher for lag-free browsing and online streaming. If the download speed test shows that your download speed is between 1-8 Mbps, then your internet connection is okay. However, if your download speed is lower than this, you should contact your internet service provider immediately. 

Upload Speed 

Upload speed refers to how fast your device can send data such as videos, images, and text messages over the Internet. This matters the most when it comes to online communication. If you carry out an upload speed test, your internet connection upload speed should be higher than 1-8 Mbps. Otherwise, you will face trouble in uploading anything (faster).

How to Improve your BSNL Internet Speed? 

You can try several effective methods if you're having trouble with low internet speed. Each can be successful, but it depends on your problem which will be most effective for you.

There are some most applicable methods you can try if your internet speed is slow.

Restart Your Modem

Restarting your modem is the most abrupt way to resolve the low internet speed issue. Resetting your Internet Service Provider's settings will also resolve all those issues that lower your Internet speed.

Reduce Internet usage

When you have many users connected to your modem, but your Internet Volume isn't high enough to give them all high speed, you sometimes don't get good internet speed. To get good speeds, you should reduce the number of users.

Minimize the distance

If the distance between you and your modem is too long, the signals will drop on their way to you. The second thing you can do is go near the modem. Once you get close to it, your Internet Speed improves, and you can work again.

Check Advanced Router Settings

To update the firmware, log into your ISP account to check advanced settings. Default settings on routers are often not optimal. Find out which settings work best for your router and download speed at your ISP's website.

Clear Your Cached Data

The cache on your Internet enables you to navigate quickly by storing data. When your cache gets full, you have problems with new downloads, so clear the caches to improve your download speed.